Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Sale!!

Hey guys been really busy lately!! So many orders but wanted to let you know a good idea I had on sales and marketing!! Right now (the only time I'm allowing this exact one!) I'm doing a sale for $5 off each animal but for only 5 animals!! Once those five animals are order the sale is over!!

From now on I'm going to do something similar to this each month but make it more structured where I can make them ahead of time! Each month until October (because that's when Christmas orders start coming in) I will have a sale for $5 off 5 animals of a certain type. I'll make the animals ahead of time and usually it'll be ones that can be standardized in color and people will pick their bowtie or head bow color!

Next month I'll be doing Christmas in July with Penguins!! Thought it'd be a cute idea!! Please let me know what you think and what you think I should do for each month like a cute name or idea for an animal!!

This sale this weekend is special because it's any animal and they get to pick the colors but this one won't happen again!!

By the way here is a picture of the sale poster I made on my iPad on Phoster
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Honey Bear!!!! Original!

So I've finished the original piece and the person received it!!! :D She loves it!!!

Honey Bear!! The original character design that was ordered!! The Honey Bear design was created and made by Katy Gautier! She's an amazing artist! The picture on the left is the picture of her drawing and the picture on the right is my 3D c...rochet piece modeled after her design! This piece was so much fun! I really enjoy taking people's 2D ideas and turning them into something you can hold!!

And this piece is 20.5 inches from top of the ear to the tip of the toe, 17.5 inches from end to end of the arms outstretched, and 9 inches wide (stomach to tail). The eyes are made of felt and sewn on.

Original designs are $70 and up depending on the character! If you want to get a quote send me an email at

Please let me know what you think of it!! :D I'm proud of it but I'd like to know what you all think :) Btw I am working on a penguin at the moment as well so look forward to that!!!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Most Profitable Month!

Hey guys!! May has been the most profitable month by far for me! The amount of revenue I got from that one month was three times what I've had in other months. I just finished two owls and will post those another time! I have also finished another giraffe! And working on another for the Etsy shop! Once I finish that giraffe I'll be able to actually open up the shop! I'm so excited!!

So this is how I decided to package my creations for sale! I got a bunch of tshirt bags from Uline and got some ribbon from the nearby Jo-Ann's and I make cards that go with my animals that explain how to take care of it and what you should do if you get it dirty. Just look at the Poly-Fil directions for cleaning and the yarn's directions for cleaning and figure out what to do.

I made this via the Calligraphy app on my iPad mini. It took forever but was totally worth it. I had to make bows in all colors that I offer and take pictures and edit each one. Sometimes the colors didn't come out well on the bows so had to find colors from the animals I have made in the past. This is something I will be sending to the people that order from me on Etsy so they can either choose their color bows or if it is a custom piece they can choose their colors for their animal this way. It's very convenient for them - lots of work for me.

So I hope this helps or gives you some ideas for your own shop!

By the way I got this incredibly cute stuffed animal chair at a garage sale and I'll show you pictures later because I'm planning on painting it and stenciling the name of the company on it. I need help deciding colors though. Please leave comments for what you think about everything in today's post!

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