Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Most Profitable Month!

Hey guys!! May has been the most profitable month by far for me! The amount of revenue I got from that one month was three times what I've had in other months. I just finished two owls and will post those another time! I have also finished another giraffe! And working on another for the Etsy shop! Once I finish that giraffe I'll be able to actually open up the shop! I'm so excited!!

So this is how I decided to package my creations for sale! I got a bunch of tshirt bags from Uline and got some ribbon from the nearby Jo-Ann's and I make cards that go with my animals that explain how to take care of it and what you should do if you get it dirty. Just look at the Poly-Fil directions for cleaning and the yarn's directions for cleaning and figure out what to do.

I made this via the Calligraphy app on my iPad mini. It took forever but was totally worth it. I had to make bows in all colors that I offer and take pictures and edit each one. Sometimes the colors didn't come out well on the bows so had to find colors from the animals I have made in the past. This is something I will be sending to the people that order from me on Etsy so they can either choose their color bows or if it is a custom piece they can choose their colors for their animal this way. It's very convenient for them - lots of work for me.

So I hope this helps or gives you some ideas for your own shop!

By the way I got this incredibly cute stuffed animal chair at a garage sale and I'll show you pictures later because I'm planning on painting it and stenciling the name of the company on it. I need help deciding colors though. Please leave comments for what you think about everything in today's post!

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