Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My favorite so far!! And a bit of Etsy.

So the picture I'm posting today is of my favorite creation I've made by far! I mean I love all of the ones I make but this is definitely my favorite with how it all turned out.

So you want to know the reason why I love this little guy??? Well he just turned out perfect!! When he sits down he sits up all by himself thanks to the way the tail is designed and attached! It pushes back up on the monkey to counter the weight and ends up not only propping up the monkey but the tail as well!! My boyfriend actually ended up buying it from me!! lol!! But I plan on making a brown and tan monkey soon that way I can standardize it for Etsy in order to sell it easily.

I've figured out a couple things about my Etsy and am almost able to start it up and write a good blog about it!! Right now here's what I've done. I've bought clear tshirt bags to put the animals in and tie with pretty ribbon and put into boxes for shipping. I bought the bags through ULINE which was good priced and ended up being delivered the next day. I also bought a roll of that brown Kraft paper to use for cushioning in shipping. I've figured out prices, shipping, and pricing per extra item. I've also made a banner!

I've decided I will only put the animals on that I have the pieces created for and that can be standardized (one's that have particular colors that it is known for in) like the giraffe, ladybug, duck, monkey, etc. and make the pieces ahead of time in the normal colors. I will list one of each once I create the pieces for it and the person will pick then whether they want a headbow or bowtie and what color they want it in and then I will attach everything and hopefully get them sent out within the week depending on the orders. I have also crocheted bows in all the colors I have so that people can not only pick their color bow for their animal BUT they can choose the colors I have from there for any custom orders. I will also be taking custom orders and I'm thinking I will say those will take about 3 weeks from order to ship out day depending on orders. But when someone buys from the ones already listed those will be taken off the site until I can make the pieces for it again and once that is done it will be listed back on the Etsy. This way it gives me time and I'm not overloaded with orders and I can send them out quicker.

Well I hope this gave some insight to those of you who are making an Etsy. This is just what I have decided so far and some of them I feel are some good ideas. Leave comments please and let me know if you have suggestions or comments or advice or what you think about the monkey and the Etsy!!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Been a while!!

Hey guys!! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! Trying to figure out the Etsy stuff!! It'll hopefully be up and running within two weeks! After that I'll post a nice update explaining how to do it for yourself!! I've been busy with orders like crazy! Just finished two of them a bee and a butterfly but I will only post the butterfly today! I've decided to make some changes to it from now on such as the wings will be bigger and the next shorter! But like all the others you can put either a bowtie or head bow with your choice of color and customize your's to your colors.

Also I must say everyone always comments after seeing them that they are much bigger than they thought they'd be. Keep in mind that these are usually 12 inches or bigger. I'm also trying to figure out the shipping amounts and everything! Hope you like the new update and they new creation!! Please post comments on what you think!! :) Still needing 22 likes for my FB page!! If you like my creations please support it by pressing the like button below!! I'm figuring out what I will offer once I get 100 likes! Please help me out!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So just finished my last final of the semester today!! YAY!!!!

Finished packing up my stuff and heading back to my hometown tomorrow!!! I'm so exhausted and now I need to finish up the Bumble Bee order and do the Butterfly order. I also got in a crochet order for an original character that someone has been drawing for years! I'm really excited about it and excited about the possibilities of this broadening the business to people who make up their own characters!

Because I can look at a picture and figure out a pattern for it, this is perfect for what I love to do! The Ideas Challenge didn't pan out for me an all but with all the possible orders I got and people coming up to me and asking for my business card, I think it was a success!!

I'll be finishing those three orders and also working on new ones while working on animals for First Friday for next semester. Also as soon as I get home I plan to start setting up my Etsy shop to also get more orders! I've printed out and research a lot so probably in the next week watch for an article about the research I've done on how to set up an Etsy!! I'm very excited and hope all of this helps!!!

I don't have any new projects today so I will post the usual picture!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hey guys!! Well I finished the Ideas Challenge yesterday and even though I didn't win any of the prizes I probably got enough orders to be more than some of the prizes!! Many of the judges kept telling me to increase prices and make an Etsy so I'll be making an Etsy soon and thinking I'll wait to increase prices.

But I have an order for a very special animal! It's a custom one that this girl has been drawing since forever!! It's exciting!!!

Other than that now I have to get ready for finals and I just delivered my specialty order for My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie! I'm so proud of how it turned out! Please leave comments about what you think about it! I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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Also thinking about doing a limited edition type of orders once I do get 100 so please help me out and if you have any recommendations for good limited edition ideas please leave a comment!!