Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hey guys!! Well I finished the Ideas Challenge yesterday and even though I didn't win any of the prizes I probably got enough orders to be more than some of the prizes!! Many of the judges kept telling me to increase prices and make an Etsy so I'll be making an Etsy soon and thinking I'll wait to increase prices.

But I have an order for a very special animal! It's a custom one that this girl has been drawing since forever!! It's exciting!!!

Other than that now I have to get ready for finals and I just delivered my specialty order for My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie! I'm so proud of how it turned out! Please leave comments about what you think about it! I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Remember to stay in the loop and please press the like button below!!! I only need 30 more likes to have 100!!!
Also thinking about doing a limited edition type of orders once I do get 100 so please help me out and if you have any recommendations for good limited edition ideas please leave a comment!!

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