Thursday, May 16, 2013

Been a while!!

Hey guys!! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! Trying to figure out the Etsy stuff!! It'll hopefully be up and running within two weeks! After that I'll post a nice update explaining how to do it for yourself!! I've been busy with orders like crazy! Just finished two of them a bee and a butterfly but I will only post the butterfly today! I've decided to make some changes to it from now on such as the wings will be bigger and the next shorter! But like all the others you can put either a bowtie or head bow with your choice of color and customize your's to your colors.

Also I must say everyone always comments after seeing them that they are much bigger than they thought they'd be. Keep in mind that these are usually 12 inches or bigger. I'm also trying to figure out the shipping amounts and everything! Hope you like the new update and they new creation!! Please post comments on what you think!! :) Still needing 22 likes for my FB page!! If you like my creations please support it by pressing the like button below!! I'm figuring out what I will offer once I get 100 likes! Please help me out!

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