Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So just finished my last final of the semester today!! YAY!!!!

Finished packing up my stuff and heading back to my hometown tomorrow!!! I'm so exhausted and now I need to finish up the Bumble Bee order and do the Butterfly order. I also got in a crochet order for an original character that someone has been drawing for years! I'm really excited about it and excited about the possibilities of this broadening the business to people who make up their own characters!

Because I can look at a picture and figure out a pattern for it, this is perfect for what I love to do! The Ideas Challenge didn't pan out for me an all but with all the possible orders I got and people coming up to me and asking for my business card, I think it was a success!!

I'll be finishing those three orders and also working on new ones while working on animals for First Friday for next semester. Also as soon as I get home I plan to start setting up my Etsy shop to also get more orders! I've printed out and research a lot so probably in the next week watch for an article about the research I've done on how to set up an Etsy!! I'm very excited and hope all of this helps!!!

I don't have any new projects today so I will post the usual picture!

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  1. Lovely gang of toys you have there :)

  2. It's so nice to see another young person as obsessed with crochet as I am! My brothers always call me grandma lol. I love all your softies! !