Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Update On The Situation

So first off I will show you all a picture of the zebra I finished recently! It was a lot of work but I modeled it off of the giraffe body style since that one is such a favorite!

So now I will give everyone an update on what is happening.

At 5:30pm Sunday night, I started feeling immense pain near my belly button, at first thinking it was just extremely bad cramps, but the pain persisted all night and later when I was in bed I realized that the pain was focused on the right side above my hip bone but still thought it was just bad cramps or ovarian cysts. So kept waking up throughout the night in pain when I moved and before I went to be it was painful to walk, go down the stairs and lay flat. 

I woke up the next morning in pain when I moved and in general. So we made an appointment for a doctor and went there around 10:45am. The doctor did the rebound test and it hurt so bad when he stopped pressing on the area. He told me and my mom that he was pretty sure it was appenditicis and I could either go to the ER or go to an appointment at 3:30pm with a surgeon. Well I didn't want to wait in the ER so we decided to wait til 3:30pm and watch me to make sure it didn't get worse. Things thankfully didn't get worse so we went to the surgeon he then ordered a CT scan and I had to go get it done then. It had been 7 years since I last got a CT scan and what I remembered before was that you had to drink this nasty thick green drink that tasted HORRIBLE. But to my surprise they changed it. It wasn't thick, you could pick the taste (I got Rasberry Ice) and I had an hour and a half to drink it and finished it in 15 minutes lol! Tasted good and I hadn't had anything to drink. It was 7 pm by the time I got the test done and the surgeon called us to tell us it looked a bit inflammed but what was worrisome was that there was something blocking the opening of the appendix (which is one way that the people get appendicitis). He said that it wasn't as bad as when they would normally do the surgery but in time it would get as bad. The amazing thing is we caught it early!

Because I know how my body works more than the average person because of having neurocardiogenic syncope you have to be able to tell if something is a bit off so you can prepare to pass out possibly. So I could tell that something was very odd with my body and because of that we caught it earlier than most would! We said yes to the surgery and I got wheeled into the OR at 11:30pm and got back to my room around 2am. Woke up in extreme pain and throughout the day I slept, ate a liquid diet (still am :( ) and had to walk around and sit in chairs. Had a syncope at 6am in the morning when I got up for the first time. But no one tells you how much pain you will be in when you wake up! Well if you have surgery in your abdominal area you will be in pain because you use your abdominal muscles for everything! And I mean everything!  

So I went home and the doctor said I can't bend down, lift anything or strain myself in anyway. Almost like I'm on bedrest :( Doctor said I could eat anything so I decided to stay on a soft food diet for a bit and had macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. And we found out later that night that it didn't settle well for me (it could have been fine for others but not me) and the food settled in my stomach and caused it to swell and the pain was unbearable and couldn't lay down flat. Lets just say I had a VERY rough night last night and I'm back on my full liquid diet again :( 

Finally I woke up this morning after a bit of a rough night and I feel a lot better. Still very painful to walk around and get up but doing better! I might even be able to crochet today!! I'm so excited to be able to do it and I have a lot of animals to work on! I'll keep you all up to date on the recovery process, but I gotta say I'm SOOOO happy to have my appendix removed!!! That way if I have abdomen pain again we know it isn't this!!! Also I'm so blessed to have a family who has been there with me throughout all this and my mom had to be at the hospital with me this whole time caring for me and taking care of me, and a boyfriend who has been so caring and loving and there for me and so understanding even though he has finals and classes to deal with!!

I'm very blessed with everyone who is around me and cares about me and everyone who has been wondering how I'm doing and praying for me thank you for all that!! 

Remember to stay in the loop!

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