Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well this title has two meanings. The first is that I finished my test today and think I did really well! Which is awesome!! The second is that I'm posting pictures of several of the animals I have finished (some are still for sale). I'm also trying to decide whether I should use the Advertise This Post for some of the posts I make on my facebook page. Leave me a comment on what you think I should do? Or if you have any ideas that are free please leave a comment! Also thinking of maybe using the ads manager on facebook as well, and again let me know what you think I should do!





So here are a couple of the animals featured on my page on facebook at
At the moment I am making a giraffe with a blue bowtie and my third ladybug! I also have a pending order of two owls (one bow one girl!). So now I need to prepare for picking classes for next semester and getting ready for my interview!
Remember to leave comments on what you think I should do about promoting my page! Also don't forget to like the page if you haven't already or share it with your friends! I finally hit the 50 likes mark and would like to keep that going up!!
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  1. Love your stuff! super cute. I have a business on Facebook as well and have not used the promote this post feature. Being a small business I try to keep my costs low. Have you tried pinning your pictures on your blog to Pinterest? I also set up an Instagram account that people can follow me on. This way you can get a little more traffic on your blog.
    what worked the best though i found was friends on Facebook sharing your page with their friends.
    Hope this helped :)

  2. Yeah I've tried to get my friends to share my page, but most don't do that. :( And I've tried posting them to Pinterest but they never get repined sadly...

  3. Don't give up and get discouraged, just keep going and good things will come. I almost got discouraged at the beginning but slowly everything started coming together. Just have to keep at it, its not going to happen over night. maybe we can help each other somehow :)

  4. Yeah! I'd love to do that and thanks so much for cheering me on and I'll make sure to cheer you on and try to help you as well!!

  5. @Sarah you're animals are just super adorable. If you know your target market and the keywords I would invest in facebook ads. Here is a post by Allie of RamblingsofaWahm about fb ads. Scroll to the bottom where she shares her results.

    Also, if you go on YouTube look up Renae Christine as she'll do product reviews.

    Join Crochet Liberation front as she'll be sharing some marketing advice.

    I really suggest getting an email list to develop a relationship with your fans. Even if you have an FB the email list is your friend. (again read Allie's article)

    1. Thank you so much for all your advice! I will definitely look up all that! Thank you so much for all the compliments! It motivates me to keep going when I know people enjoy them too! Originally I thought my target market was little kids or people going to baby showers but after a while I have found out that teens, college students, young adults and even adults like these so the target market has gotten bigger.

    2. I was thinking that too - teens and college students. I would consider asking your college bookstore if they would carry them.