Friday, April 12, 2013

Yay and Nay

Yay! Did the interview today! I think it went really well!!!

Going to start off today with a little thing I plan to start every blog off from now on with. It is called Yay or Nay! You basically say something good that happened to you today (Yay) and something bag (Nay). I will also try to figure out a good schedule for posting (like topics I'll try to keep to each day).

Yay: The interview went well!
Nay: I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo tired lol

Usually it will be a bit better than today's but I'm just really tired! Went to bed late and was at school for almost the entire day! I was planning on posting some of the comments and feedback I got about the previous post on Etsy, but I'm just too tired to put that together today. I promise though I will get it out sometime in the next few days! For now I will at least show you one piece of advice I got that I think will be very helpful!

Hawwa Land5:46 PM

GO FOR IT! Take one standard animal to your local walmart or similar store, go to the stationary aisle and find out what box/envelope would best fit them and your needs/budget. Buy 2 or 3 of them then just keep buying as you go You can usually calculate shipping online (a small postal scale comes in handy) or go to your local post office for rates. Fees aren't a big deal, I think Etsy only has one insertion fee and a small pocket fee after your sale. Make sure to price your animal according to what you want to make after fees. Policies are easy to figure out. Descriptions are very important and are the first impression for your customers next to good pictures. Apart from that be optimistic, take risks, and if you fail... well... at least you tried! Good luck!
Thank you so much for the great advice!!
I plan to look more into the whole Etsy thing and all of the sites that everyone gave me to look at for it and once I compile everything I will write a good blog explaining everything I found out. Follow me to make sure you see it when I post it! (Btw how do you follow people? lol)
I also want to say thank you to everyone who likes and shares my facebook page! I really appreciate it and I appreciate all the support as well! Please keep spreading the word as well and if you haven't liked the page, please do!
Leave a comment of an some topics you would like me to write about and make topics for each day of! I'm trying to think of some and I'd really appreciate any advice or comments you have about it!
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