Saturday, April 20, 2013

More and more orders!!!

Yay: possibly getting more orders in soon!! people are interested and asking questions!!! you should send me an email if you have one too!!!!
Nay: finals coming soon :(

So today's a quick update!!! Delivered the ladybug and giraffe today!! Yay!!! I'll leave you with a picture of the ladybug today :) you will have to wait for the other tomorrow ;)

Cute right?? This is the most asked for animal!! That and the owl and following up is the giraffe so far!!!

Also went to my boyfriend of almost 4 years orchestra concert today and they are amazing especially since A&M has only had an orchestra for five years or so!!!!

Aren't we cute??? And yeah lots of people say we look related but we are not!!! lol

Sorry this was so short it's been a long day!! Make sure you come back tomorrow and I will have a better and longer one!!!

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  1. Aww precious!
    You get a Liebster Blog Award! A great way to get to know other bloggers!

  2. Hi I've mentioned you in my latest post hope you can pop over and have a quick look x