Monday, April 15, 2013

Neat Color Combo

Yay: didn't go to all my classes today
Nay: reason why I didn't was because I suddenly got sick :(

So woke up with a VERY sore throat, went to one class and came back. Even though not feeling well I haven't updated you in a while. I know I was supposed to let you know about the Etsy thing this weekend but it's been slightly crazy and I'd rather know what I'm talking about and have time to write it down. For now though, I have another test this week on Friday and I'm working on the giraffe. Also going to be working on a monkey soon and it hasn't been sold and it isn't for an order. I figured out a neat color combination for it and I'm really excited about it. Let me know if you want to see pictures of what it may look like once done if you are interested in purchasing it. It will be from $35-40, I won't know til I start.

Aren't they pretty? Well the dark teal (it's darker in person) is for the main body, the light teal is for the detail pieces like the face, etc, and the salmon color is for the bowtie I will do. I'm excited once it's done. It may not look good now but it'll look cute once it's made! Again let me know if you would like to call dibs on it. Email me at and don't forget to like and share my page at

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  1. Sarah those are lovely colors. I would love for someone to buy this up because I want to see the finished product. All your animals are so very cute.
    My son woke up ill too so is not in school today. The day started out quite sunny but we just had a rain storm which is odd for us.
    You'll do great on your test. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Well I think I'll make it even if someone doesn't because it will eventually sell. Sometimes I just make the animals because I want to and I know they will sell if they turn out well! I hope it does sell once I finish though! Thank you so much for complimenting them! It helps drive me to continue making more and making sure they are of the utmost quality!

      Yeah I literally woke up with a horrible sore throat and exhausted :( It hit me like a truck! I hope I do well on my test I haven't gotten much time to study!!! I hope he feels better though!! Btw how do you follow people on here??

  2. Hi Sarah! I am Jei of Cutey Pauty Crochet and I am giving you an award called the Liebster award. I hope you visit my blog for more info.