Monday, April 22, 2013

Please help!!

Yay: Got to eat Panda Express today!
Nay: Still super busy :((((( so not a long post

Not going to be a long post because need to do a lot of studying and such but again I will show you a picture!!!

Isn't it cute??? It's the giraffe with sunglasses I got for the Ideas Challenge :) Had to take it and thought it was cute and wanted to show you all!!! Wednesday will be a very busy day this week so don't expect a post from me! I'm really excited about the Ideas Challenge!! And again wish me luck!!

Also please go to and like the page if you haven't and please please share it with your friends and ask them to like it too! I want to get 100 likes soon! I'm trying to figure out some incentives to purchasing through me and certain giveaways once I get a specific amount of likes. I'm not sure what it will be or anything but please I would appreciate it if you shared it with your friends and helped me get more likes!!!

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