Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh So Busy

Well this week is busy! I have an INFO test, sign up for classes, prepare for a scholarship interview for entrepreneurship, have the actual interview, and apply for an entrepreneur internship. I'm almost done with the crochet rabbit I've been working on. It's been hard after having to completely redo the entire bottom half of the body, but I have finished making all the pieces and now I just have to put them together.

Once I do finish the rabbit I have two more animals to start on, a ladybug and a giraffe! I'm so surprised how popular the ladybug has become and this is the third one that I will have done! I want to get more orders so I can have more people enjoy them!

I also just made a new email specially for my business! If you want to order an animal send me an email at

I have also decided to participate in First Friday next semester. This is a local festival celebration that happens on the first Friday of each month. Many vendors go there and sell their products and I would love to do that. I have figured out that I will make a certain assortment of animals during the summer to sell at First Friday. I also plan to take in orders during the summer as well and also want to make a good amount of scarves (including maroon and white ones) and boot cuffs to sell during the fall semester.

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  1. You are off to a great start. Good luck on the scholarship and internship. I highly recommend starting a email list so you can update customers with all you are doing even if they don't visit your blog or facebook page.

  2. Thanks!! I really appreciate your input!! It really does help!